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Single Vegan and Dating 3 Tips To Guide You Through

Introduction It’s hard enough to date when you’re single, but when you’re a vegan and looking for love, it can feel even more overwhelming. We’ve got your back though! Whether you’re just starting out on the dating scene or have been looking for love for years, here are three tips that will help guide your…
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Why Being Vegan Can Benefit You in the Long-Term

Long-Term Benefits of Being Vegan Veganism may have been around for quite some time, but there is still a lot of confusion surrounding the lifestyle. One Green Planet reveals that while 30 percent of Americans now refrain from eating meat, only 6 percent of the population have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. This was despite…
Plant based Meal Prep

5 tips to Plant based Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of the best ways to save time, money and stress. It’s easy to throw together meals when you’re busy and tired but doing so can add hundreds of dollars per month to your grocery bill and make you feel like you have no control over your diet. The solution? Meal prep!…
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Be Careful with These Packaged Foods

When you start on a plant-based path, you may get into a rut with your cooking. This may lead you to a grocery store that has more to offer for their plant-based guests. One of the available options may be packaged foods. Though these sound like a great idea, they may not be as ideal…
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My Ancestors are Talking Through My Fingers

Juneteenth and High on the Hog have me in a very reflective mood as we near the celebration of the founding of this country. Did you know black men who were enslaved were involved in the creation of macaroni & cheese and fine dining? James Hemings and Hercules were owned by Presidents Jefferson and Washington….