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We, at Plant-Powered Shift are committed to providing quality plant-based businesses that serve a curious community that are interested in enhancing their lives through a vegan diet.  Each of our brands offers a unique menu of products and services to educate and support our growing community. 

Take the Shift Towards A Healthy and Nutritious Plant-based Meals

Plant-Powered Shift is committed to providing a unique menu of products and services that educate and support the physical, emotional and social benefits of eating plantbased.

Our multi-service approach providing prepared plantbased meal subscription, monthly membership that includes meal plans and live cooking classes and one on one counseling, provide the supportive services our customers need, when they need it.

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Night Owl Vegan

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Naturally Sweet Desserts

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Y We Vegan Podcast

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years of experience as a Vegan Chef
About Us

Let Me Show You How To Eat Plant-Based

As a former Type 2 Diabetic, I know the importance of healthy eating. I also know that the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains provided by nature can improve our overall health.  When I removed meat & dairy I was able to stop taking medication. 

I am a Vegan Chef, restauranteur, and Transition Guide. I work with health-conscious people who are interested in eating plant-based.

​Contact me today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how we can work together to begin your healthy journey.

Vegan Eats

New Recipes

We’re excited to introduce you to our new vegan recipes. We know that a lot of people are going vegan, and we wanted to make sure you had some options when it came to cooking up your favorite vegan fare in your own kitchen.

Have An Easy Transition to Plant-based

Let’s Help You Out

Transitioning to a plant-based way of eating can be challenging; I’m here to be your guide on your healthy journey. I’m an honest and positive coach whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing practical information to help you reach your goals.

Since 2010, I’ve been serving loyal clients and helping them achieve the results they desire – get in touch to start enjoying my services today.

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Are you ready to make a shift towards a plant-based diet? If so, I’d love to help!

I can help you get started with a free consultation about how to make the transition successfully.

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